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Importance Of Logo In Advertising

Your logo is an important element of your business. It conveys your brand’s personality and represents who you are.  It is a fact that before you present your product, your potential customers will consider your logo. Adding a logo into your advertising campaigns enables you to capture your prospective and current customers in a creative and visually stimulating way. When prospects and customers can easily remember and then recall your logo, you have a truly competitive advantage. 

The word ‘Logo’ comes to us from the Greek word “Logos.” Meanings for the term included ‘the word,” “reason,” or “plan.” In ancient Greek philosophy, logos was considered the divine reason implicit in the cosmos, ordering it and giving it form and meaning. Today, the word has been updated to mean a visual representation or icon of a company, organization, product, or service.

Logos have always been a crucial part of brand identity. Since there is plenty of competition for customers, every possible advantage counts. A logo that is interesting in the eye of the purchaser and creates a permanent imprint on their minds is a commanding tool. Your customers see several logos and icons every day. They actually know a good logo when they see one. With a great logo in place, it makes choosing you from your competition a more specific choice. It shows your target audience how you are different or better than the others in the market.

With all the visual and mental stimulation people experience, not everyone can remember a company’s full name and description at all times. This is where a distinct and powerful logo can make a difference. A logo gives an identity to your business and makes it instantly recognizable. It has a deeper impression in the minds of the viewers than mere copy alone. It is much more easily remembered. 

A brand is enhanced with a logo. It boosts the company image immensely, and it is no surprise; therefore, that business put a lot of effort into perfecting their logos. Think about global brands like Coca-Cola, Disney, Apple, or Costco. They are not the same without the logo. The proper use of a logo in marketing, communications, and public relations is a must. With Coke, the dynamic ribbon along the bottom is as important as the script font. The red and white colors are easily seen from a distance. Apple’s logo just isn’t the same without the bite on the right side. The specific elements of the icon are as much emotional triggers as they are visual cues.  Coke may make you think of refreshment on a warm day. Apple’s logo may remind you that one on one contact with friends and family is as close are your pocket or purse. 

Impressing your brand’s logo on your advertisement with the least amount of text and images also gives an opportunity for your customers to take a quick glimpse at your ad and move on. A powerful logo design will leave a lasting impression on the minds of your viewers and will help them recall your brand later.  When you use a logo design in your branding, it makes it easier to lay out the advertisement. Your combination of logo and text is important to promote your business and build your reputation.

If you want your customers to view you as a professional business, you need a professional image. A great logo can endear you to your customers and help build trust. If your logo isn’t very impressive, customers could associate it with your services and products; feeling less confident about working with you. If you show high standards in how you represent your brand; people are more likely to try your products and services. 

We are in a time when our businesses are present across multiple platforms. From Leaflets, websites, posters, to blogs, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook – your brand could show up everywhere. A measure of consistency is essential here, ensuring that your brand is properly represented wherever it appears. A logo will help maintain the consistency you need and help you maintain a professional look.

Your logo can communicate your company’s mission and values. For example – if you want to communicate to your audience that you offer fast, reliable service, you would do well to incorporate a logo that denotes it. Your logo can also quickly communicate your business proposition to your customers.  If you operate a pet store, you can easily represent who you are with the proper visuals. If your business specializes in lizards or birds, this can be readily apparent versus a store that serves primarily cat and dog owners.  

One key element to your logo is color. Correct color choices speak without even saying a word.  The psychology behind a specific color sends a message to your prospect and colors.  Here are some of the most common colors and the underlying meaning associated with them: 

* Black is most often associated with seriousness, sophistication, and timelessness.  

* Red is the color of passion and love, but also projects anxiety and conflict. It’s a color that people always notice. 

* Orange is associated with invention, creativity, and originality.

* Yellow projects feelings of optimism, vitality, and happiness.

* Pink and magenta logos that look high tech and hip and cool. It’s is no longer just to indicate feminine gender.

* Blue will signal qualities of stability, trust, and wisdom. 

* Green can go in two directions: either a strong connection to the natural world or to symbolize growth. 

* Purple or violet will give your company logo a very modern, creative and cool vibe.

Using a logo in your advertisements and communications allows for a stimulus-response reaction. The more a company logo is shown, the greater identity and trust you will gain from the public.  This will ultimately aid to boost your sales, revenue, and profits. Without a proper logo, it is possible that customers might be wary of you and this could also impact your sales. 

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