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List of Caricature Artists

Caricature artists are an interesting group of professionals. Most are independent artists. Some artists work together under an umbrella company. In some cases you can shop for artists to create your caricature online using recent photographs.

Below is a list of five caricature artists for your consideration.

Doug Shannon: He work at over 50 trade shows and conferences a year. He’s been called  the  “hardest working man in show (caricature) business” There is high demand for his digital caricatures.

Luke Sienkowski: Luke is well-known in some creative circles. He is based in Wisconsin and travels the midwest.

Tony Parsons: He is a UK artist based in Brighton in the south of England. He’s drawn caricatures professionally for over 12 years.

Kiko Yamada:  She creates high quality digital caricatures for events, realistic illustrations for personal and professional use and traditional caricatures when requested.

Don Howard: This artist focuses on celebrities. You can purchase a caricature of your favorite star or have him make a caricature of you.  He claims to have the web’s most unique caricature site.

It’s important to review the portfolio of the artist you are considering. There are also a number of websites that specialize in helping you find the right local caricature artist for your event.

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